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Available Equipment

GPI PRO Steadicam

This is the workhorse of the Steadicam world, used by some of the most elite Steadicam ops on the planet. Capable of flying little stuff all the way up to full size cameras with teleprompters (which I've done.) Comes with all the standard stuff to mount Steadicams to other equipment.

Walter Klassen Slingshot

This nifty rig is worn with the Steadicam vest. Similar to an Easy Rig but with two flexible bungies to allow more camera movement. Great for a handheld look or for gimbals giving you the ability to make moves starting at the feet of an actor and extending up over the operator's head. (I've done that move too. Very fun.)

Cinema Devices ZEEGEE

This is a great piece of kit that lets you get that handheld look while attached to a Steadicam arm, dolly, or jib arm. The Zeegee allows operators to emulate handheld for longer takes or on heavier cameras without introducing all those annoying footsteps or shakes you get from an out of breath operator.

Betz Wave One

This is a single axis horizon stabilizer. Great when used on a Steadicam, allowing the operator to spend more time focusing on making amazing shots and less time on ensuring a straight horizon. Also fantastic for two axis hotheads and can be used on the Slingshot when a handheld look with perfect horizons is desired. (Comes included with the Steadicam rental.)

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